Sunday, February 27, 2011

back home

When we're without something we like or someone we love, it helps us appreciate them all the more! 

My husband went to Nebraska this weekend to visit the phd program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  When I picked him up yesterday... and throughout the day yesterday... and throughout the night... and this morning... I had this overwhelming love for him.  I realize when he has to go away for a couple nights how I much prefer to have him in my bed.  I realize when he's gone that I really miss his conversation, his laughing at my dumb jokes.  I miss laughing at his jokes.

Is this sappy?  yep.  but, come on wives... you feel it too.  Alone time might be refreshing in it's own way, but there is nothing like that feeling of "yes, this is how it should be," when your husband comes back home :)

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