Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chicago... My Kind of Town

Lately, I've been thinking about things I will miss and things I won't miss about Chicago.  Like, something will happen (i.e. stuck in traffic) and I'll think wow, I really won't miss the traffic here.

Things I'll miss about Chicago
Obviously, friends and family
Church - both Moody and Harvest
Driving on Lake Shore Drive and Wacker
Walking around downtown (I still think tall buildings are cool)
Ridiculously fancy bowling alleys
Stuffed Pizza, specifically Edwardo's
Endless supply of great ethnic food, especially China Town
Summer.  summer in this city is SO fun.
Biking on the lake path
Chicago Public Library System - every book you could ever want sent to your neighborhood library!
The shopping- South Loop, State Street, Michigan Ave, Lincoln Park, need I say more?
My teacher's salary (which, thanks to the crazy Chicago Teacher's Union is pretty good for a 1st year teacher!!) 
The skyline (especially driving into the city from the south on 90/94) 
Never ending supply of fun things to do, and lots for free! 

Things I won't miss about Chicago
The smell of pot in our apartment buidling
Street parking during the winter
Constant sound of sirens
12% tax
$4.69 gas
The hassle of grocery shopping and parking and trying to get all your groceries up to your 2nd floor apartment when you parked a block away.
The politics - while they're exciting and make a good news story, it's a little crazy.
The teachers union.   Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be part of a union that complains so much, causes so many problems, and acts like they're at war...

This is a great city, and I love it, but I am starting to think about things I might like in Lincoln because the Lord has led us to Lincoln and He knows best... so, Nebraska, here we come!

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