Saturday, June 25, 2011


Lately, I have been browsing craigslist for some furniture items and rental houses.  Craigslist can be really great.  When we moved into a rental home in college, we furnished nearly the entire house (all except beds) off craigslist.  We got an especially great dining table set (that i still wish i had)!  Recently, Ben and I purchased a brand new chair for $100.  The guy had ordered it separately from his living room furniture and then realized it didn't match.  I looked up the place he said he got it from and sure enough - there it was - our chair on SALE for $600 at this upscale furniture store.  (Rich people!)  Anyway.... point being, craigslist can be great for a good furniture find - especially if you're moving around and don't want to spend tons of money of nice new furniture that will only get banged up in the rental-moving stage of life. 

Craigslist can also be entertaining, which is more the point of this morning's post.  Here are a couple ads I've stumbled across in the "free" section.  This is for real, people...

Rooster - Plush (wheaton/carol stream)

Cute, clean, plush rooster from smoke free home. Squeeze it and it crows! About 8 inches tall. Let me know when you want to pick it up and i can have it in a bag for you on my front stoop. I will respond back via emails only, so please do not give me your phone number. Near Gary ave and Geneva rd.

image 0

Shopping cart full of several hundred pounds of broken tombstones (Albany Park)

I have several hundred pounds of broken tombstones in an old plastic shopping cart. Do you want it? The broken tombstones were buried in my front yard for several decades. None of them says anything, and they don't even really look that much like tombstones. But they are.

The shopping cart says "Thank You!" on the handle. Includes safety guide (don't stand in it, etc.) I found it in the alley.

I have some other broken tombstone pieces I was too drunk to lift into the cart. You can have those, too.

image 0 image 1

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