Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poetry Discovery

Ben and I were doing some organizing/ file-purging this afternoon and Ben stumbled upon a collection of his Great Grandpa's favorite poems and stories.  Ben's Great Grandpa John was, from everything I've heard, a wonderful man of God.  He passed away in 2006, at age 94.  Some of the poetry and stories are his own, and some are written by others.  We paused organizing and began reading through it - wow!  I'm not one to sit around and read books of poetry (although I admire people who do), but this stuff is good.  Very good.  I'll be reading this collection for sure!  Perhaps I'll share some :)

Since I never knew Grandpa John personally, I'll share a poem written in remembrance of him by a lady named Lorene Hoover.

How tall he stood
as husband, father, counselor, friend,
how upright
as leader, pastor, administrator.

How strong his voice - 
poet, storyteller, preacher -
in capturing the rhythms of life,
from promoting Lions' Club turkey dinners
to inviting us to join him on a CROP walk
to invoking God's blessing.

How large he was
in his desire to serve,
in his belief of nature's promise.
Large enough to be humble
as he bent to his wheelbarrow
took up his garden hoe
knelt in the dirt.

Large enough to kneel
at God's altar
sure of His promise.

 Included in the collection ("John Anderson's Favorite Poems and Stories") is this excerpt of a poem by Ralph Cushman:
I met God in the morning 
when the day was at its best.
And His presence seemed like sunrise -
like a glory filled my breast.

All day long the presence lingered - 
all day long he stayed with me.
And we sailed in perfect harmony
o'er a very troubled sea. 

So I think I know the secret
learned from many a troubled day.
I must meet God in the morning 
If I want Him through the day. 

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