Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going for a jog...

Running intimidates me. Every time I try to "start running" I feel like I'm going to die after 5 blocks and quit.  Also, sometimes, my legs get a strange itchiness that is extremely uncomfortable.  I didn't really care to run with my friends or whatever, so I saw no reason to enjoy it.  There are lots of forms of exercise anyway.  However, for many other forms of exercise, you need a gym of sorts - a membership, a fitness center to play sports at, or whatever... Plus, getting the same cardio workout from, say, biking or the elliptical, as from running takes a LOT longer. 

I thought being able to jog for 30 minutes would be a good goal.  Not just for the sake of jogging, but to develop a habit of exercise.  As my brother graciously commented, "You can eat like that now, but not forever.  Eventually, if you eat like that and don't workout, you'll get fat."  So, 30 minutes - A manageable amount of time for any season in life.  But, since I have insecurities about failure [i'm sure you don't, but imperfect me does] I didn't want to try something that I would end up quitting. 

So I found this run-walk training program.  You can see it here.  It starts with a sequence of running for 1 minute and walking for 2 (for 30 minutes total). And it gradually increases the amount of time you run and decreases the amount of time you walk.  After 8 weeks, the goal is to run for 30 minutes.  Now for my marathon-running friends, you might think that sounds pathetic.  And I'm okay with that.  But the first time I ran for a minute and walked for 2 for a total of 30 minutes, I felt REALLY tired.  There, it's on the internet.  Shameful, but true.  But now, after a few weeks in, it's semi-enjoyable (I don't look forward to it, but I feel good after) and I can run for several minutes at a time without exhaustion.  This feels like a major accomplishment.  [Sigh - nostalgia to high school when I was in shape and even semi-athletic. Oh well.]

I don't plan to run marathons, or even to become "a runner."  But, the 30 minutes out and about (especially in this 68-degrees-in-the-morning-with-a-light-breeze weather) getting some exercise and solitude is good for my body and soul.  

Here's to exercise  :)

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