Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photography Class

I've kinda always liked taking pictures and I really enjoy scrapbooking -  not because i feel like I should document stuff, but I just really like putting all those pages together.  Remembering fun moments. with people I love.

anywho, our church was offering a 4 week intro photography class so I decided to borrow my parents old fancy schmancy camera and learn how to use it since none of us really know how.

after the 1st class last week, I was sold.  There are so many cool things this camera can do and I had no idea.

So during week one, we learned about "metering modes."  (after going around the room and introducing all 50 people... ay ay ay).  But these "metering modes",  from what I understood control the amount of light that the camera picks up in the scene.  Like I said, there are 50 or more people in this class and everyone had different cameras of course.  So I kinda sorta found my metering mode instructions but really had no idea how to change them.  And never really figured it out.  which you will see from my pictures.  yikes!

Our assignment was to take a picture of someone who is backlit.  You know, when the sun is behind people and it messes up the picture.  There's a way to fix that with these secret metering modes. How exciting!  But like I said, I couldn't really figure it out on my camera.  The thing I thought was changing these metering modes did not fix the picture.  In fact, it created pictures like this.

yeah. like i said... yikes!

But I took a bunch of pics anyway.  And I found a secret dial that did change some sort of number on the viewfinder, which changed the lighting in some way because I got all these different pictures... (standing in the same spot at the same time for about 5 or 10 minutes)

And the one that I think is lit the best (but still not great)...

isn't my subject a hottie?

conclusion: I intellectually comprehend what the camera would do if I could figure out how to change these secret metering modes.  But alas, I have no clue how to do that.  Also, I'm pretty sure if I left my camera in "auto" it would have done a better job.

i think i have earned myself a D- for this week.

tomorrow, perhaps I will find out where to find the secret metering buttons!?

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