Saturday, September 24, 2011

random thoughts

1. I've been measuring the time by Husker games.  Last week - Washington.  This week - Wyoming.  Next weekend - Wisconsin.  I live in Nebraska.

2. 2 no-shows to piano lessons this week.  1 was a miscommunication.  The other... still haven't heard from him.  Calling someone after they don't show is super awkward.  "uh. hi.  i thought we had scheduled for you to come at 3:00 yesterday?"  I usually say "I thought" because sometimes i'm wrong :) like when I called the lady who I thought didn't show. and she clearly told me she would be in Missouri and we'd start the next week.  ay ay ay embarrassing.  I've thought about calling people to remind them about their lessons at first. but I'm not their moms so i decided against it.  Dilemma - both of yesterday's no-shows came for a free trial lesson, took new books, and scheduled a 2nd lesson to come back.  They'd pay for the books and rest of the month's lessons at the 2nd lesson, which they didn't show up to.  wah wah.  this system has yet to screw me - usually people just forgot and show up the following week after i call. with $ in hand.

3.  My piano studio has some diversity.  Ages 4-69 and everything between.  I have a couple non-white students.  Also, big families, small families, Jehovah's witness family, rich old ladies, families on tight budgets who are SACRIFICING to give their kids piano lessons.  I admire that.  both my parents and my husband's parents sacrificed to give kids piano lessons in times of financial hardship.  it's worth it.  always.  i will never change my mind about that.  find the $20 every week and make it happen.  [stepping off my soapbox]

4. I finally finished Good to Great in God's Eyes by Chip Ingram.  I had put it on the backburner for a few weeks, but it was so good.  Read it!  Determine to be a GREAT Christian, not just a mediocre one.

5. I read this article about the gender-inclusive NIV Bible.  Didn't even know there was such a thing.  Personally, I think it's ridiculous.  Spending that much time and $ to publish a translation of the Bible that changes the words around to make girls feel better about the fact that most of the pronouns are "he."  come on now.  Plus, it's a little like saying, "God I know you are God and inspired the Scriptures to be holy, living, and active, but you are out of touch with the 21st century, so we need to help your Word by changing the 'his' to 'theirs.' Hope you don't mind."  It just seems like if the God of the universe inspired the author to say "he" or "brethren" we can just jump on board and understand it universally applies to people.   good gracious.

6.  Some of the things people feel free to write in blog world have the jaw-dropping shock effect on me.  For example, people will get into heated "discussions" by commenting back and forth.  on the internet.  i think, you would never say that in person.

7.  i habitually lock my car... after i park it... in the garage... that is attached to my house... and opens automatically from the inside only.  what can i say?  city girl.

Feeling random today.  hope you don't mind!!

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