Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Studio Calendar

So, I keep a blog for my piano and voice students.  With the popularity of blogs, and everyone getting internet on their phones, I thought it might be helpful to have a studio blog for parents and students.  Plus, I can give this website to people who call for more information and they can see that I'm not a random creepo, which is always helpful for teaching young children.  or anyone for that matter. 

Anywho, one thing I was hoping to use this blog/website for was scheduling.  In my perfect business setup, people browsing for a teacher online would be able to find my page in their searches for "awesome piano teacher" on the world wide web and see my availability on a calendar.  I also think it'd be helpful for planning weeks or days off (i.e. weekend trips or winter vacation).  AND I was hoping to get a list of all students' contact info so that they could just contact each other if they need to swap times one week instead of going through me as a middle-man-rescheduler.  Well, middle-WOman :)

anywho, I finally figured out how to get a calendar from google into my blog!!!

Check it out!

woohoo!!! I am having a little happy dance all by myself. no shame.

So, do you think it's helpful!? Or is it a stupid waste of my time?  (b/c I'll have to update it and don't want to spend time doing something that's useless....)  What would make it easier to understand or more helpful?  

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