Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Fail

so i was feeling crafty.
and thought this was cute.
i decided to actually try one of the crafty things i pinned on pinterest.
i already had this shimmery frame - just had to take the mirror out.  i tried to type the words but the printer kept feeding the cardstock through crooked.  So, I got blank bookmarks from michael's and a pretty red pen instead. also got some red foil wire and mini clothes pins.

starting materials
plan was:
cut book marks (to be 2 x4)
round corners
write christmas words
remove mirror
string foil behind frame horizontally - pin with thumb tacks
clip on words with mini clothes pins
admire my craftiness

but then, i tried to force the mirror out and....
it broke.
project fail.
i had already cut the bookmarks to size, rounded the corners and wrote the words.
looked for a frame but didn't love anything i saw. 
then we went to chicago for christmas and i lost interest.

haha maybe next year!


  1. At least you attempted to make pinterest a productive activity. I'm the opposite. I bought a frame but haven't done anything with it yet.

  2. well, my advice to you (from all my pinterest experience) is ... don't break it.