Thursday, February 2, 2012

the truth

lately God has reminded me of these truths:

I am his precious daughter because of HIS love, not because of my achievements.  Therefore, my lack of achievement does not affect his love.  Really, anything I do is out of the equation.  He loved me first.

He sees me as righteous through the blood of Jesus, not because of my good deeds.  Meaning, when I am conceited or rude or judgmental, he says to me "repent and use your freedom in Christ to be FREE from those sins that entangle you.  You have the freedom - choose it today.  I have washed away your sin and see it no more.  You're forgiven.  Live freely."

i need these truths. every day.  i need to have the truth way down deep in my heart and soul where even the enemy that is trying to devour me cannot take it away.  the truth sets me free. 

do you need to hear it too?  God values you. He loves you. do you know him?  he knows you and desperately longs for you to know him.  He sent the Savior of the universe, and the Savior of you and me to earth so that we might, if we so choose, know him intimately.  

can i get an amen? ;)

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