Saturday, March 24, 2012


i have a friend who doesn't have facebook [shocking, yes.] anyway, she called me the other night to tell me on the phone she got engaged.  :) isn't that so fun!  it's fun that she's engaged and it's fun that she called. and it feels even more special because it's not like everybody and their mom and their grandma knows from facebook, but just the closest friends that she would actually dial up.

our small group might sign up for a benefit 5k for Easter weekend.  i exercise pretty regularly these days but i'm still scared of running.  i might try to run/walk 3 miles today and see what happens.

ben and i are planning a potential trip to a concert in indiana this may.  we have friends in indiana, friends on the way, it'd be close to kentucky where there are more friends (and pretty scenery), we like the artist, and we like road trips. so, why not?

i've been working on a quilt all weekend.  [side note: there are 5 really nice quilting stores in Lincoln plus a JoAnn's and a Hancock Fabrics.  doesn't that seem like more than the appropriate amount for the size of the town?]

this is a crappy picture i took from my phone at a bad angle.  but you get the idea :)

my current sewing addiction means less time for reading.  meanwhile, all the books i requested from the library just happened to come in. and these are big books! like 500 pages! (i'm like a child in that a big book with small writing is intimidating.)  So, the one's on the shelf are In the Garden of Beasts, The Warmth of Other Suns, and The Secrets of the FBI.  Have you read any?

the backspace key bit the dust yesterday :(

i've been doing a bible study in James and i'm legitimately sad to see it come to an end.  God has taught me so much through the day-to-day lessons and through the weekly teachings from Beth Moore [more to come on that another time].  Let's just say, life-changing.

last week, we went to a rockin' choir performance by the Star Singers of Aldridge Elementary School.   Honestly, it was very enjoyable.  Less than an hour, well timed, efficient transitions, cute songs, and some jazz hands.  As a HUGE critic of bad school music programs, I really liked this one.  Of course, I was bound to love it since one of my 2 favorite Aldridge musicians was in it :)

a lot of 5th graders! 93 to be exact

the most important start singer :)

the boys with their super cute, organized and efficient music teacher. (will wasn't performing in this one)

happy saturday,

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