Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was at walmart... just a quick trip.  I hopped into a line that looked awesome - the lady in front of me was just finishing up. score! (anyone who shops at walmart knows that being in and out of the line in less than 10 minutes is a reason to celebrate.)  so I loaded up my few things onto the belt and the lady in front of me was still there. weird since she had just been handed her things and told "have a nice day."  (that's your cue to leave, in case you wanted to dawdle).  oh and she dawdled.  she proceeded (AFTER finishing purchasing everything and paying) to begin telling the cashier all about her dogs. dogs, plural. keyword begin.  so, i waited patiently with a smile, thinking surely she must be about to go. but no.  she stayed. and she pulled out pictures. of her dogs.  this went on for several minutes.  then she and cashier (new BFFS) smiled at each other and bid farewell.

i was tempted to be irritated. i always pick the wrong line.  but then i thought - maybe they both needed a friendly chat that day. and i didn't have anywhere to be. and i didn't have any screaming children in my cart. so, what's the big deal. oh well :) it was just kinda funny.  as in, trying-not-to-giggle-out-loud funny.

and now, i'm blogging about it to procrastinate taxes....

happy thursday :)


  1. that same woman must visit your walmart and my walmart... haven't seen the pulling out of pictures but that store surely attracts people who dawdle;) lol.