Saturday, July 7, 2012

Copy Cat

I read a few blogs that regularly post pictures of day-to-day life.
Like this one, this one, and this one.
Sometimes from instagram, sometimes from their fancy DSLR cameras [insert hopeful sigh... maybe one day].
Well I love the idea of putting up pictures of this week's day to day happenings, especially since we live far from some of our friends and family. 
And the good ol' iphone makes it so easy to capture the every-day of life. 
So, I'm copying the idea... sharing ideas is what blog world is all about, right?
I've spent about 3 minutes trying to come up with a clever name for this weekly picture post, but I don't have anything catchy yet.  Today, we'll call it 'shots on a saturday'... since it's saturday and alliteration is always a win.  (Now that I think about it, it sounds like a college party invite. wah wah. title fail. maybe i'll have something better next time.)

for now, here goes my first edition of 'shots on a saturday'  :)

Real life.

I used a bunch of scraps to make burp cloths for my sister (in-law) who is due with her first baby July 13!  we figured... you have to have burp cloths so why shouldn't they be cute?!

We went to the olympic swim trials (held in Omaha) - saw Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte race, amongst others.  Each race was SO exciting!  Very cool!

I worked on another baby blanket, using all fabric scraps i had already :) I'm considering opening an etsy (or similar) shop for baby blankets... we'll see if the idea pans out.

filled out paperwork for my new FULL TIME TEACHING JOB! woohoo!

my MIL (mother-in-law) made a nice American meal on the 4th... mmm fried chicken!

I cut out 24 ice scream scoops for a bulletin board.

I made the title on the right first, but then I don't think it's big enough... so  I made the title on the left. not sure which one to use. I like both...thoughts? 

a good way to start a saturday morning.  :) 

What'd you do this week?

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