Thursday, July 12, 2012


3 weeks after we found out we were pregnant, we just weren't quite sure how far along we were.  i felt more sick than i thought was "normal" for 5-6 weeks, and if we did the math right, that pregnancy test would have showed up positive WAY too early.  so we decided to do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy.  i was secretly hoping i was magically a month further than we thought, but alas, just a few days.  

getting ready.  the ultrasound tech thought there was 2 babies at first!!!!! but, she confirmed there was just 1. 

6 weeks-ish

this is the ultrasound she gave us.  it was fun to get one done, but that baby looked like a grain of rice!! the cutest grain of rice i've ever seen if i do say so myself.  

at our 11 week doctor appointment, we heard the heartbeat. wow! so speedy. 

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