Friday, August 31, 2012

Nursery on my mind

Last night, for the first time, baby girl's little kicks woke me up.  It was cute last night, but I have a feeling it will get tiresome as it becomes more frequent :)  Maybe she'll learn to sleep when mommy sleeps so that when she graces us with her presence she'll automatically sleep when mommy wants to sleep.  (haha jk!)

We also bought this little girl's first outfit.  Well, first outfit from us.  It's kinda silly, I know, but it was fun to go pick out something together!!

Sunday, instead of lesson planning, I dreamed up how to decorate her nursery.  We live in a rental house, so I don't want to go crazy (considering we might be moving 6-8 months after she's born), but it's still fun to do a little something.  These are some things I liked...

These zinc letters from Anthropologie
Zinc Letters

This giraffe print (etsy).  It comes in rainbow and pink.  I can't decide :)
giraffes giclée print. 11X14. rainbow.
This paint color and crib

a mobile made from these- paint chips + heart punch!
Add caption

I found a bunch more but I can't give it all away ;)  Plus, she's not coming out for another 19 weeks, so it's not time to go crazy yet.

Seen any cute girly stuff!?!!?  Got any nursery tips!?!?

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