Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 2, 2010...

... for those of you who received a save-the-date to our wedding, you may or may not remember that 10-2-10 was our original wedding date.  That's yesterday.  A couple thoughts about 10-2-10 and why that date will always remind me how great God is.

1. If you were outside near Chicago yesterday, you know that the weather was horrible- raining, freezing.  We were having a sibling weekend with Ben's little brothers and walking all around the city in the freezing rain.  Let's just say I'm glad we weren't walking from the church to the restaurant we had booked in that weather yesterday.

2. I have officially been teaching for a month and going to school to work for about 2.  I cannot IMAGINE doing this commute (to 87th street off of I-94) all the way from my parents house in Mount Prospect.  Even more than that, I can't imagine this past month of school happening successfully while in the last month stage of wedding planning. 

3. Ben and I spent our first month of marriage with wonderful family in Omaha which would not have occurred if we hadn't have gotten married until yesterday.

4. By the grace of God (and with a little bit of gracious, kind persistence from my dad), the original restaurant we booked returned our partial deposit, although the contract did not permit this.

5. I am sitting next to my husband of 3 months enjoying a quiet Sunday night of football in our first home. 

Life is good.  God is good.  He made it possible for us to get married in July 3 instead of October 2 because He knew that would be best for us.  Back in March, after we had planned many many details for the Oct. 2 wedding, we decided to move up the date.  Many people thought we were nuts (although we appreciate the continued support of our closest friends and family.)  I think most people figured we were just anxious to get married (which was partially true... okay, very true, but not the only reason for moving the date) or pregnant (obviously false).  But, we had a clear peace from God about moving the date, so we went forward with it.  In retrospect, moving the date was absolutely the right choice.  Advice: listen to the Lord even if a lot of people around you think you're nutso.  He always knows best.

I'm happy to sign off tonight as a married woman of 3 months and not 1 day :)


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