Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Home Depot

Well I went to home depot today.  When I walked in the door (in my leggings, oversized t-shirt, no shower, headband - lookin ridiculous), the greeter guy looked me up and down, in a very not-subtle way, and laughed as he asked, "um, are you doin some home improvements?"  I mean, did I not look capable of making some home improvements?  So, obviously, I did not tell him I was there to get moving boxes.  Rather, I replied, "Yes. I'm gutting my kitchen and remodeling" and walked away.  Not sure if that was the right response?  Probably not. 

As I was walking through home depot, I really wished I was on one of those HGTV home improvement shows.  Ya know... spending someone else's credit card, designing something cool, capable of using power tools.  It's a goal (not to be on HGTV... just to be able to go to home depot and know what I'm trying to build and then get the right stuff and build it and do basic home improvement stuff.  anyway, maybe someday...)

Then, I walked passed the kitchen section.  It brought back memories of when my brother and I were little... we used to play hide and seek in the kitchen cabinets while my dad was at the store. 

Well, I ended up with 30 moving boxes and 4 rolls of packing tape.  So, I guess it was a success.

Back to packing... 

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