Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Internet Findings

So, I not-so-secretly like to browse all sorts of random things on the internet.
I should probably set myself a time limit.
Here are some random things I've seen that I like.  (No promises that they will be of any interest to you...)

this house is so pretty.

This video is a hilarious plug for getting kids to sell stuff to give generously to the work for God's kingdom through their local church.  (It's the first one on the page.)

We did this alien-abduction-brainteaser with my 11 year old brother (in-law) this weekend. None of us solved it :/

This is short & funny. (and wrong)  It reminds me that my mom makes really good cookies too :)

i officially like pinterest.  i don't pay attention to any sort of so-and-so is following you or repinned.  the last thing i need is another social network site.  however, i do like that there is one place on the internet where i can "pin" everything else that i like.  like a virtual bulletin board. way better than a favorites bar. 

This looks like a tasty, fruity, halloweeny drink :)

These messages are convicting (in 2 videos totaling 80 minutes).  Part 1Part 2

Have you found anything good on the internet lately?

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