Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Right now...

I stole this idea from this blog.  (I don't know her. is that creepy?)

Right now, I am...

listening: to nothing. and it's peaceful.

feeling: cozy. heat on. windows closed. thoughts of carmel apple cider dancing in my head.

watching: The Office & Parks and Rec.  (not this second, but in life).
missing: my dear friend Kristen.

this feels like a super old pic! when she was preggo with her firstborn (who's almost 3 and has an 11-month old bro) and I was in college. 

wondering: whether or not I'll teach in public schools again

reading: The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer

thankful: for God's provision and love

excited: for this weekend
i turn 24. that feels old.
working: on gathering Christmas music for all my students (except the Jehovah's witness kid) and coming up with a fun winter contest!

praying: for a piano student's mom who asked to borrow "how good is good enough?"

admiring: these china patterns
would i get sick of turquoise? it's so pretty. not very compatible with christmas decor. but so pretty. life's hard choices. :)

avoiding: my "insanity" workout

wanting: to learn how to sew... so i can make things like this for less than $40

excited: for a night with 2 girls from my bible study
anticipating: involvement with "city impact"

what are you doing?

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  1. i miss you too... too sweet:) i love this idea and might steal it myself.... by the way have you tried that salted caramel hot chocolate yet? it's to die for! the end.:)