Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oh hello again

hey there

it's been a while.  over a month actually.  i just didn't feel like blogging recently.  i took a break from reading blogs (not intentionally, it just happened) and thus i took a break from writing.  then recently, i've had some time to read blogs but still haven't felt like writing.  not sure why, no good reason. 

however, i don't process as well when i'm not blogging or journaling of some sort.  i am a verbal processor.  and if i don't process out loud, it helps me to process in writing.  (i have an entire home-depot-medium-sized-box full of journals dating back to the 5th grade.  can't bring myself to throw them away.) 

so back to blogging it is.
nothing profound today, but i've been browsing other people's more interesting blogs for the last hour and found some fun stuff to share.  a simple way of jumping back into blog world (because it requires minimal thinking on my part) :)

a fun 10-year-old girly party
summer snapshots
cool craft website
a pretty quilt

dinner tonight is this pasta salad  + soup and bread from panera.  it's 89 degrees out but i still like soup.  especially panera soup.

:) ciao!!

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