Monday, June 11, 2012

back to school

I took a job teaching elementary music (K-5) in Lincoln Public Schools for this upcoming school year.  I'm excited for a lot...

to have something to do every day
to sing silly songs with little kids every day
to help kids learn to love learning
to get lots of hugs
to hear ridiculous statements (if you teach elementary school, you know what i'm talking about)
to meet other teachers
to work close to home
to work from  8- 4 instead of 4-8
to have dinner at a reasonable time
to have weeknight evenings free with the hubs
to have a reason to get up early in the morning
to work with good principals
to teach.

i have been trying to organize my picture files on my computer (yikes!!) and in the spirit of being excited about teaching, i thought i'd share some elementary music pics :)

2nd grade "silly picture"

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Solfege ladder

who doesn't love a little recorder?

receiving a card from sweet 2nd grade

this is how my students always look - hands folded, criss cross apple sauce, mouths closed, awaiting instructions

oh wait - that's what they look like.
aka: 2nd graders didn't know how to behave so we had to add rules and behavior incentives

1st graders acting out the itsy-bitsy spider (the rest of the class is singing along with the CD- this is no regular itsy bitsy spider either... it's the song on steroids. you'll just have to hear it for yourself)   :)

the rain and the sun

every song is more fun if it has a dance that ends with jazz hands

the most prized instrument

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yay!  these pics make me excited.  God is good.  i'm so thankful for the gift he's given me and for each season he has me use it in.  i'm looking forward to this new season of elementary music. 

- mrs. cook

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