Wednesday, August 8, 2012

secret's out

Well, as of yesterday, the secret's out... i am not going to be perfect at this job.  I thought I was, but alas, I'm not.  Phew.  Glad I said it.  In my moments of feeling overwhelmed, God whispered to me: my grace is sufficient for you.  My power is made perfect in your weakness. 

That was good news!  So we're back on track - trusting the Lord for the big and small things in life including preparing for the first day of school (T minus 6 days) and adjusting to being the "new kid." 

On a separate note, I've put this on facebook but just in case... this is a worship CD you should get :)  all the lyrics are Jesus-elevating.  A couple in particular have been ringing through my heart the last couple days

Jesus, Faithful King, Lord with grateful hearts we sing - how great is the love of our Savior.
The weight of the cross, the curse of my shame, he carried it all and rose from the grave - how great is the love of our Savior.

Arise, for the light has come, darkness bows down to the risen Son
Arise, raise your hands and sing, to the one God 
You are the matchless king, who tore down the gates of the enemy
Make way for Christ and sing - let Your kingdom come.  
Arise for the battle's won!  Our hearts bow down to the risen Son.

That reminds me... I read Matthew 28 this morning:
"He is not here, he is risen, just as he said."

Now isn't that good news!?


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