Tuesday, September 4, 2012

painted dressers

I've been toying around with nursery ideas, as I mentioned a couple days ago and one thing I'd like to do is a paint a dresser that will function as a changing table/ storage/ dresser.

These are some fun ones I've seen on the internet in all my time-wasting research.

from young house love - stained a $30 craigslist dresser and added a white top!  cool and classy but I probably will end up painting instead of staining.  one day when i'm fancy and have lots of time, i'll stain so it looks pretty like this.

i LOVE the color of this one! so cheerful :)

loving the yellow


I also like varieties of turquoise/ teal/ aqua/ what-have-you
not a very good shot but you get the idea.... source

this one is a good color but I really love how pretty the dresser is 
again, not the best pic, but you get the idea.

so what do you think? green, yellow, turquoise, other??
I'm hoping to do pale gray walls but we

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